Native Plants for the SouthEast
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How to Order

Orders from Outside the SouthEast

We have modified our shopping cart to accept orders shipped to addresses outside of the United States. The work-around is inelegant, and we will lose money on the shipping, but it works. This will expedite sending seed for research, which has been the reason for most of these requests.

We continue to reserve the right, with an explanation to the client, to refuse to send seed to any destination in which it may become invasive. We do this even in the unlikely event that we are unable to reimburse the prospective client for any advance payment for that seed. Please advise us if the seed is for research, its likely behavior in your region, and of precautions you will take if that behavior is likely to be nvasive.

Orders using a Credit Card, PayPal, Electronic Check Drafts (ACH or Digital Checks) or FXSource

Our secure Gateway for processing shopping cart orders is 2 (2CO). If your shipping address is in Georgia, we will pay the 7% sales tax, you will not be charged. The charge on your account statement will be identified as coming from NativSeed. 2CO tells only information required to mail your order (your name and mailing address) and for us to contact you (your phone number and email address) so we can expedite your order. This information goes no farther. The 2CO Privacy Statement appears to be satisfactory although almost opaque. We do not know of any issues with this company.

Orders using Cash, Check, or MoneyOrder

Please email or mail your order containing a paste or other copy from a 'View/Modify Cart' page. Orders may be paid by cash, check, or money order mailed to, 147 Timberland Trail, Arnoldsville GA 30619. Please add $2 to the order for shipping. If your shipping address is in Georgia, we will pay the 7% sales tax, you will not be charged. We will ship as soon as we receive an order without concern as to how it will be paid.

If you are in a rush or have an unusual order, please contact us at 706 742 2296.


We may be out of an item by the time you order it, although we try to keep the Catalog up to date, so we will include a check with your shipment to make up any difference between what you paid and what we send you. Please tell us about any seed with which you are not satisfied. Do not be shy; we will gladly send you a check to refund the price you paid, test the stocks that contributed to your packet, and when available, send alternative seed of the same taxon at no cost. Your doing this will improve our business.