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Saturday: 12 August 2006

Good and Evil  -  @ 01:51:44
The first word of the title is: good

Gene is all tuckered out from a heavy morning of pulling Microstegium.

We're doing the Fairy Ring area right now, and that's the location of a previous homesite. We find little microsurprises here and there.

Some are good. Awhile back I reported the finding of an interesting little ca. 1920s bottle in Sparkleberrysprings Creek. Now we do find generic bottles here and there but without identifying marks or interesting features they're hardly worth the bytes this photo represents:

However this one is rather pretty:

And it does have a little identifying marking on the bottom, DES PAT 92148. I was able to locate several images that corresponded here, here (very bottom), and a brief discussion on a probable match. (There's really no need to visit those links.) Everything indicates ca. 1930s medicine bottle, probably outfitted with an atomizer. Perhaps so specific as a "Holmespray Green Depression Glass Atomizer". Green Depression Glass. Hmmm.

And then some of the little surprises are evil.

Fortunately I saw this little den of iniquity before they saw me. Quite a busy little place. They seem to like each other, which is good, since I don't. This nest is actually fairly close to the house, which means I'm probably going to have to do something about it. In the next month they're going to become very cranky.

And no, I didn't get much closer than about ten feet.

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