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Sunday: 10 December 2006

The Year in Review  -  @ 07:55:59
What follows is a listing of a few of the posts of the past year, categorized organismally. I've tried not to repeat subjects I've written about in earlier years so most (but not all) of these are new "discoveries". Of course all this leaves out the posts with graphs, the fluff posts, the angst posts, and other pieces that weren't particularly observational in nature.

Regarding this approach to "indexing", my mistake when I started this in mid 2004 was probably to go with b2 blogging software way back when (it was all that was available from our ISP). It's good software and easy to use, but it doesn't have much flexibility in indexing, so I've done all this manually. I should probably upgrade to its descendent software, wordpress, but the transfer is daunting and since there are now 792 posts I'm intimidated with fiddling at the database. And now that I've indexed the organismal posts from 2006 I suppose I should go back and do the same with 2005 and 2004.

It's still fun to look at, and I had fun going back through each month. I noticed my increasing familiarity and skill with the then in January 2006 "new" camera, and I'm sure there's some thread that unites all the posts.

Fungi: I'll post on anything I see, so the dearth of fungus posts until July reflects our ongoing drought during most of 2006, as well as my lack of familiarity with the more obscure fungi. All this had a hand in the relative sparsity of fungus posts. Only 15 fungi reported on this year, and all in the later months.

Oyster Mushrooms in Jan
Japanese Umbrella Inky Mushrooms in Jul
Quince-rust Fungus in Jul
Chanterelle, Old Man of the Woods, and Panther Amanita Mushrooms in Aug
Crown-tipped Coral, Gilled Bolete, Fuzzyfoot, and Caesar's Amanita Mushrooms in Aug
Lemon-yellow Lepiota Mushrooms in Aug
Tree-ear Fungus and Violet Collybia Mushrooms in Aug
Violet-Gray Bolete in Sep
Recurved Cup Fungus in Sep

Plants: Obviously a big part of the documentation project with about a hundred plants addressed, and while quite a long list still was compromised by aforementioned drought. So many plants observed last year and before didn't make an appearance this year. Now if Glenn had posted on all his observations, which went into the store instead, this would be a very long list indeed!

Beaked Panicum and Silver Plumegrass in Jan
Fallen Northern Red Oak in Feb: 2
Fallen Northern Red Oak in Feb: 1
Fibrousroot Sedge, Carpetmoss, and Field Pansies in Mar
Common Blue Violet in Mar
Yellowroot in Mar
Golden Ragwort in Mar
Chickweed and Deadnettles in Mar
Harvesting Seeds from Mar
Viburnums, Coral Honeysuckle, Redbuds, Jack in the Pulpit in Mar
Bloodroot, Hepatica, and Trillium in Mar
Blackedged Sedge in Mar
Red Buckeye in Mar
Hooked Buttercups in Apr
Silky Dogwood in Apr
Pitcher Plant Flowers in Apr
Wild Ginger and Pipevine Flowers in Apr
Hedgehog Woodrush and Woodvamp in Apr
Longhair Fringed Sedge in Apr
Shallow Sedge in Apr
Flowers of Woodsorrels, Painted Buckeyes, Azaleas, and Blueeyed Grasses in Apr
Flowers of Oneflower Stitchworts and Roundleaf Bluets in Apr
Red Buckeye Flowers in Apr
Gratiola Flowers in Apr
Dwarf Cinquefoil and Serviceberry Flowers in Apr
Christmas Ferns in Apr
Crownbeard in May
Sticky Willy and Bedstraws in May
Variable Witchgrass and Grass Flowers in May
Unknown Heritage Gladiolus Volunteer in May
Venus' Looking Glass in May
Purple Pitcherplant Flowers in May
Carolina Bristlemallow in May
Six Weeks Fescue in May
Dodder in Jun
Anglepod Milkvine in Jun
Sweet Vernal Grass in Jun
Pinnate and Upright Prairie Coneflowers in Jun
Shrubby St. Johnswort in Jun
Spiderwort in Jun
Witchhazel Cone Gall in Jun
Wild Quinine in Jun
Jewelweed and Claspingleaf St. Johnswort in Jul
Coral Honeysuckle Berries in Jul
West Indian Nightshade and Creeping Lespodeza in Aug
Common Evening Primrose in Aug
Anglepod Milkvine Fruits in Aug
Black Cohosh Flowers in Aug
American Germander Flowers in Aug
Purple Giant Hyssop and Unknown Zigzag Euphorb in Sep
Sweet Everlasting (Rabbit Tobacco) in Sep
Downy Lobelias on the Creek in Sep
Nasty Fatoua in Sep
Witchhazel Spiny Gall in Sep
Ladies' Tresses in Sep
Horse Balm Flowers in Sep
Microstegium in Sep (and Jun and Jul and Aug and Oct)
Soapwort Gentians in Oct
Claspingleaf St. Johnswort Fruits in Oct
Blue Lettuce Flowers in Oct
Goldenrods in Oct
Princesstree Intruder in Oct
Blue Daisy Fleabanes, New England Blue Asters, and Blue Mistflowers in Oct
Swamp Sunflowers in Oct
Microstegium Flowers in Oct
False Foxglove and Bluecurls in Oct
White Avens Fruits, Out of Season, in Nov
Senescent Bearded Shorthusk and Other Fall Colors in Nov
Goldentop in Nov
Fruiting Warm Season Grasses in Nov
Shade Grasses (Bearded Shorthusk and Longleaf Woodoats) in Nov
Woodvamp and Resurrection Fern in Dec
Trees (Tulip Poplar and White Oaks) in Dec
Trees (Various Oaks, Hickory, Walnut, and Beech), Measurements in Dec
Quercus alba Enigma in Dec

Invertebrates: My first year at watching for invertebrates. While Odonata and Diptera top the list, Coleoptera and Lepidoptera aren't far behind (and many of the latter were observed in 2005). I was pushed into this by Bev, Thingfish23, and Deadmike, but I went willingly. I count about 60 invertebrates, a scandalously low number, but I didn't go looking particularly. And thanks to Bugguide, and all the individuals who helped to identify these - I got a lot right but I got quite a few wrong too! The biggest lesson learned, from Bev, was how to recognize a tricky fly mimic from its wasp or bee model. : - ) 

Azure Butterfly in Mar
Pipevine Swallowtail Caterpillars in Apr
Walnut Sphinx Moth in Apr
Tuliptree Silkmoth in Apr
Swamp Darner in Apr
Abbott's Sphinx Moth in Apr
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail in Apr
Harlequin Darner in Apr
Tiny Betty Boop Damsel in May
Young Wheelbug Nymph in May
Eastern Tailed Blue Butterfly in May
Milkweed Bug Eggs and Orange-Patched Smoky Moths in May
Phantom Crane Flies at Troll Rock in May
Blue Skimmer and Beefly in May
Dirt Dauber Nests in May
Fishfly in May
Blue-black Spider Wasp in May
Florida Leaf-Footed Bug in May
Question Mark Butterfly in May
Six-spotted Green Tiger Beetles in May
Robberfly and Ebony Jewelwing in May
Tiger Moth Caterpillar in May
Grass Skipper in May
Milkweed Bug Stages in Jun
Blue Dashers and Cow Killers in Jun
Bombus Bumblebee in Jun
Ailanthus Webworm Moth in Jun
Hackberry Emperor Moth in Jun
Mining Bee and Flower Spider in Jun
Witchhazel Cone Gall Aphids in Jun
Thiodina Jumping Spider in Jun
Thickheaded Fly Wasp Mimic in Jun
Cuckoo Wasp, Great Golden Digger Wasp, Picture-wing Flies,Lance Flies in Jun
Mantis and Ladybug Larva in Jun
Green Metallic Bee in Jul
Stilt-legged Fly in Jul
Spined Micrantha in Jul
Long-legged Fly in Jul
Allograpta Syrphid Fly in Jul
Forktail Damselfly and Whitetail Skimmers in Jul
Eastern Pondhawk in Jul
Blue Dashers in Jul
Copestylum Syrphid Fly in Aug
Thread-waisted Wasp in Aug
Saddleback Caterpillars and Carolina Mantis in Aug
Yellowjacket Nests in Aug
Phidippus whitmani Red Jumping Spider in Aug
Red-headed Bush Cricket in Aug
American Lady Caterpillar in Sep
Gold Moth Caterpillar in Oct
Milkweed Aphids and Yellowjackets in Oct
Saddleback Moth Caterpillar at Steve and David's in Oct
Carolina Mantid and Scorionfly in Oct

Vertebrates: Not a particularly long list, around 16, but that would be in keeping with the relatively small diversity of Vertebrate Animals, no? I can do better next year, especially with birds, surely.

Bats in Jan
Gray Squirrel in Jan
Feb Goldfinches
Brown-headed Nuthatches in Feb
Chipping Sparrow and Chickadee in Feb
Great Blue Heron in Feb
Titmouse in Feb
Opossum in Mar
Chipping Sparrows and Purple Finches in Mar
Barred Owl, Great Crested Flycatchers, and Box Turtles in May
Hummingbirds in Jun
Redbellied Woodpeckers in Jun: 2
Redbellied Woodpeckers in Jun: 1
Box Turtle in Jul
Whitetailed Deer in Jul
Box Turtles and Patterns in Oct
Whitetailed Deer: Bambi and Mom in Nov

Environments: And then there are the places all these things live, a not unimportant topic.

Pincushion Moss Log and Friends in Feb
North Along Goulding Creek in Feb
South Along Goulding Creek in Mar
Troll Rock in Mar
Woodvamp Alley in Apr
Fairyring in May
Goulding Creek and Brachyelytrum Barrens in Jul
Bullfrogs and Snapping Turtle Mention in Jul
Sweetgum Gorge in Sep
Along Sparkleberrysprings Creek in Oct
Microenvironments in Oct
Goulding Creek in Oct
Final Report on the Microstegium in Oct
Long (>200 years?) Undisturbed Area in Dec

Science: If I may be so bold.

Pioneers and Voyagers, in Stereo, in Jan
Flowering Signals in Jan
Cat Evolution in Jan
Cheetahs in Jan
Space Junk in Jan
Last Days of the Ocean in Feb
Hot Spots Part 1: Welcome to the Anthropocene, in Feb
Hot Spots Part 2: PDO and ENSO in Mar
Marsupial Evolution in Mar
Hot Spots Part 3: Ice Ages and Gateways in Mar
Hot Spots Part 4: Methane Burps in Mar
Climate Change Scenarios in Mar
Displacement Reactions and Chernobyl in Mar
Avian Flu Part 3: Michael Leavitt, in Mar
Guttation and Water Transport in Plants in Apr
Dark Skies and Light Pollution in Apr
Visualizing Plant Families in Apr
Flowers of Showy Plants in May
Flowers of Grasses in May
Flowers of Grasslike Plants, in May
Trophic Levels in Jun
Near Earth Asteroids in Jul
Monophyly, Paraphyly, and Polyphyly in Jul
Dust from the Sahara, Part 1 in Jul
Dust from the Sahara, Part 2 in Jul
Dust from the Sahara, Part 3 in Jul
Atmospheric Cells and Winds in Aug
Carbon Sequestration and Forests in Aug
Anosmia in Aug
Henrietta Leavitt and Cepheid Variables in Aug
The Metric System in Sep
Microstegium Experiment in Sep
Ocean Upwelling and Downwelling in Sep
Guide to Inner Life of the Cell in Oct
Inner Life of the Cell Review in Oct
DNA Sequencing in Nov
Population Growth in Nov
How Ants Navigate in Nov
Color Vision Afterimages in Dec
Color Vision Mechanisms in Dec
Color Vision Genetics in Dec

Miscellaneous: Some are favorites. Our mileage may differ.

A Foggy Morning at Jekyll Island in Jan
Leaving for Jekyll Island in Dec, posted in Jan
Returning from Jekyll Island in Jan
WVFD PPEs in Jan
WVFD PPEs and Wayne Photos in Jan
Sister Susan and Nephew Travis in Jan
Fog in Jan
Field Guides in Jan
Glenn's Photo of Many Years Ago on Our Anniversary in Feb
Our Anniversary: 27 Years and Paying Off the Mortgage in Feb
Walking North Along Goulding Creek: Maps in Feb
Walking North Along Goulding Creek in Feb
Endearing Evolution in Feb
Deer Graveyard in Feb
Koyaanisqatsi and Sequels Movie Review in Feb
Disaster Preparation Part 1: Cleaning the Closet in Feb
Disaster Preparation Part 2: Reflections in Feb
Making Pasta, Recipe, in Feb
The Enormous Egg Review in Mar
Bush Could Never Have Foreseen Anything in Mar
Octavia Butler Memorial in Mar
Walking South on Goulding Creek in Mar
WVFD Super Tanker Delivery in Mar
Electric Fence in Mar
Ravioli and Pasta Recipe in Mar
Ravioli and Pasta Experiment in Mar
Fairhope and The Poet of Tolstoy Park in Apr
Escape from AOL in Apr
Hash Browns Recipe in Apr
Hotlinking and Blog Theft in Apr
Garden Voices Reblogger Revenge in May
Spring Clones in May
Then and Now, Before and After, at the Sparkle in May
Dark Doings at the Sparkle in May
Wildland Fire Training, Part 1, in Jun
Wildland Fire Training, Part 2, in Jun
Lost in Space Review in Jun
Wildland Fire Training, Part 3, in Jun
Drought and Fire Danger in Jun
Scratchlines for Fire Protection in Jun
Howards End Mrs Wilcox Stroll in Jun
Miracle Mile Movie Review in Jun
Cousins Nomenclature, Part 1, in Jul
Sacred Stabilimentum in Jul
Cousins Nomenclature, Part 2, in Jul
Hughes Genealogy in Jul
Grandmother Genealogy in Jul
Heritage Bottles in Aug
Pet Selection in Aug
Contact Book and Movie Review in Sep
Hunting Alert in Sep
Key Words in Sep
Yard Art in Oct
Princesstree Mystery Poetry in Oct
Stuffed Rolls Recipe in Oct
Halloween Afternoon Stereo Photos in Nov
Structure Fire Training in Nov
Menopause Refresh Kit in Nov
MPRK Puzzle in Nov
Taking Night Sky Photos in Nov
More Night Sky Photos on Thanksgiving in Nov
How to Get to Sparkleberrysprings in Nov
Isaac Asimov Review in Dec

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