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Saturday: 23 December 2006

2005 in Review  -  @ 00:00:01
A couple of weeks ago I posted an index to the 2006 blog posts and today I post the 2005 blog posts. I added two more categories to each and the links to the two indices are on the right sidebar now.

I was just going to discreetly add to the sidebar without posting but apparently I can't simply insert a post that far back in order to refer to it, and such a list really should be a part of the blog. Or maybe I could get around that, but why apologize? It's self-promotion, pure and simple, and I have always had a severe, literally professional-life-threatening allergic reaction to self-promotion, but what the hell.

So this is the browsing equivalent of having a keyword search function. I have considered the usual strategy of tagging, and of going back and tagging in retrospect all previous 800+ posts with keywords (i.e., labels, tags). But as I've pointed out, b2 blogging software only allows one keyword per post and more flexibility requires moving to wordpress. I can't think of any other reason for doing that, frankly, and so I thought about how powerful, really, was the ability to add keywords:

I thought about how often visitors use the very prominent search box on the right, to search for topics of interest. The usage is logged, so I have a good impression of its attraction - very close to zero (if you discount my own constant use of it). Logged hits by earch engines are very high, and point fairly well to individual posts. Clearly that's an explanation - visitors come in for a specific reason and don't bother looking further. But in that case, really, why work my fingers to the bone to provide yet another utility that doesn't get used? It would make another attractive column of about a hundred keywords on the right sidebar, and they would get every bit as dusty as that nice column of archived months of posts, also on the right sidebar, that only a very few ever use. Not complaining, just saying.

So while I congratulate those who do this sort of thing I'm not gonna do it. At least not at the moment.

Therefore, what follows is a listing of a few of the posts of 2005.

Fungi: Only a dozen or so fungi reported here, although the number I should have reported is much higher, especially in view of the drought of 2006. I would say here that I did quite a good canvassing of the area during my earlier teaching years, pre-blog, but have either lost or am not attracted to those photos particularly and haven't yet reproduced them.

Gymnosporangium Teliohorns in Mar
Slime Molds in Apr
Coral, Crest, or Tooth Fungal Mass in Nov
Lichens on Birdhouse in Dec

Plants: I was just getting going on exploring the diversity of plant species here. There are somewhere around a hundred plant species addressed, about the same as in 2006, with not that many overlaps. I'm guessing that that figure of a hundred is probably limited by an innate feel for the frequency tolerated by regular visitors, and not by actual observation. Clearly Glenn could augment this number by several-fold in 2006 alone.

Bluets in Feb
Old Granite Outcrop Plants: Elf Orpine, Sandwort, Portulaca, Milkwort, False Pimpernel
Birthwort Relatives in Feb
Wild Ginger and Sandworms in Feb
Cranefly Orchids in Mar
Veronica in Mar
Bloodroot Emergence in Mar
Hawthorn Flowers in Mar
Bloodroot in Mar
Barren Strawberry in Mar
Smallflowered Geraniums, Deadnettles, and Chickweed in Mar
Trilliums in Mar
Wild Chervel in Mar
Green and Gold in Apr
Star of Bethlehem in Apr
Yellow Archangel Mints in Apr
Coral Honeysuckle in Apr
Krigia Dwarf Dandelions in Apr
Pussytoes and Cudweed in Apr
Mayapples, Wild Geraniums, Pawpaws, and Painted Buckeyes in Apr
Dwarf Pawpaws in Apr
Sedum, Deertongue Grass, Bellworts, Wild Lettuce, and Sowthistle in Apr
Adderstongues and Grapeferns in Apr
Rose Trilliums in May
False Solomon Seal Flowers in May
Pipestem Flowers in May
Hearts A Bursting, Strawberry Bush Flowers in May
Seed Germination Methods in May
Fruits from Pawpaw Crosses, in May
Jack in the Pulpit in May, Part 2
Jack in the Pulpit in May, Part 1
Osmunda Ferns in May
Woods Poppy and Elaiosomes in May
Krigia Dandelions in May
Plant Scans Instead of Photography in May
Scarlet Indian Paintbrush in Jun
Heirloom Potatoes in Jun
Smilax Roots in Jun
Ginseng in Jun
Several Vaccinium Species in Jun
Beardtongue Species in Jun
Gloriosa Daisies and Unknown Friends in Jun
Milkweeds in Jun
Grasses in Jun
Bottlebrush Buckeye in Jun
Buttonbush in Jul
Blackberry Lily in Jul
Adder's Mouth Orchid, Panicled Hawkweed, and Spotted Hypericum in Jul
Tithonia in Jul
Pineweed in Aug
Ruellia species and Tradescantia in Aug
St. Andrew's Cross in Aug
Jack in the Pulpit Fruits, in Aug
Royal Catchfly in Aug
Annual Ragweed in Sep
Rose Mallow in Sep
Maize in Sep
Vivipary in Sep
Downy Lobelias in Sep
Rosinweeds and Bundleflowers in Sep
Swamp Sunflowers in Sep
An Array of Seeds in Oct
Goldenrods and Calico Aster in Oct
Pitcher Plants and Hybrids in Oct
Autumn Coralroot Orchid in Oct
Rattlesnake Plaintain in Oct
Soil Augmentation in Oct
Winter Grasses and Annuals Emerging in Nov
Productive Walnuts in Nov
Honeylocust in Nov
Various Mosses in Dec
Pincushion Moss in Dec
Hairy White Oldfield Aster in Dec

Invertebrates: I claimed 2006 as my first year at watching for invertebrates, but I didn't do too badly here, epecially for our Lepidopteran butterflies. I count about 40 invertebrates, a scandalously low number attributable to chance encounter rather than close searching.

Bagworm Cases in Mar
White M Hairstreak in Mar
Snipe Flies Mating in May
Fishing Spider in Jun
Craneflies and Pine Borers in Jun
Unknown Caterpillars on Gloriosa Daisies in Jun
Ebony Jewelwing and Unknown Giant Larva in Jun
Click Beetle in Jun
Red-spotted Admiral Butterflies in Jun
Dogwood Sawfly Larvae in Jun
Fresh Green Cicada Emerging in Jun
Black and yellow Argiope in Jul
Leaffooted Bug in Jul
Six-spotted Beetle in Jul
Hoverfly and Grape Leaf Folder, in Jul
Aphids on the Ironweed, in Jul
Black Pine Sawyer and Red-sided Millipede in Jul
Mydas Fly in Jul
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail in Jul
Spicebush Swallowtail in Jul
Yellowneck Caterpillars on Ericaceae in Aug
Clymene Moth in Aug
Giant Swallowtail Caterpillars and Osmetrium in Aug
Gulf Fritillary Caterpillar, in Aug
Black Swallowtail Caterpillar, and Eastern Swallowtail Butterfly, in Sep
Pearl Crescent Butterflies in Sep
Gulf Fritillary Butterflies in Sep
Milkweed Tussock Moths in Sep
Shy Orb Weavers in Sep
Red-banded Hairstreak in Oct
Let's Call It a Zebralegs Bug, On Velvetleaf Fruits, in Oct
Wheelbug Orgy in Oct
Late Mantis in Oct
Tussock Moth in Nov
Cold Marbled Orb Weaver Spider, in stereo, in Dec

Vertebrates: Not a particularly long list, around 15, but that would be in keeping with the relatively small diversity of Vertebrate Animals, no? The highlights of the year were the successful incubation of a Black Racer egg, and the first sighting of an armadillo. The Great Crested Flycatcher family were fun, and so was the Bat Photography Period. I can do better in 2007, especially with birds, surely.

Dead Bat in Jan
Young Redbellied Water Snake in Mar
Eastern Fence Lizard in Apr
Bat Photos in May
Great Crested Flycatchers Nesting in May
Snapping Turtle in Jun
Gray Tree Frogs Mating in Jun
First Snakeskin from Mystery Pond Snake in Jun
Snake Eggs and Woodchips in Jul
Baby Black Racer Hatchling in Jul
Second Snakeskin from Mystery Pond Snake in Jul
Hummingbirds in Sep
Box Turtle in Nov
Buzzards in Nov
First Armadillo Sighting in Nov
Robins in Dec
Cedar Waxwings, in Dec

Environments: The places all these things live. In 2005 this category was a hit or miss affair, but I was pleased to see that I was beginning to get a feel for addressing the concept.

Watersheds and Maps in Feb
Fairy Ring Habitat in Feb
Granite Outcrop in Feb
Clearing the Garden: Roots, Part 1, in Feb
Invasives in Mar
Ginseng and Deer in Mar
Glenn's Stormdrain Reservoir in Mar
Driveway Bog in Mar
Clearing the Garden Part 2 in Mar
Property Map in Mar
Watershedding in Mar
Mayapple Forest in Apr
Bogs, Dragonflies, and Bats in May
Ginseng and Environment in Jun
Ponds in Jul
Ecosystem Services in Jul
State of the Microstegium, in Jul
Parasitism and Invasive Species, in Aug
Hummingbirds and Hurricanes, in Aug
Final Report on the Microstegium, in Aug

Science: If I may be so bold.

Science Breakthroughs of the Year in Jan
Bush's Climate of Ignorance in Jan
H5N1 Flu Virus and Pandemics in Jan
Virulence in H5N1 Flu in Jan
Glenn's Update on Angiosperm Phylogeny, in Feb
Brief Look at Fruit Nomenclature in Mar
Visualizing Taxonomy in Apr
Plant Phyla and Cladograms in Apr
Seed Germination Methods in May
Pappus Forms in May
Confusing Botanical Names in Jun
Infloresence Growth and Terminology in Jun
Inflorescence Nomenclature Tutorial in Jun
Cat Genetics in Jun
Atlantic Storm Summary from 1920 in Jul
Mars and Earth Orbits, in Aug
The Future of Solar Power in Aug
Three Climatic Cycles in Aug
Permanent Paleo El Nino in Aug
Iridium Satellites and Flashes, in Aug
The Asteroid Belt in Sep
Epicycles in Sep
The Height of the Moon, in Sep
Deduction: McClintock, Mendel, and Darwin, in Sep
Power Usage in Sep
Active and Passive Solar Power in Sep
Little Science: Barbara McClintock, Kary Mullis, and Others in Oct
Two Hundred Million Digits of Pi, in Oct
Neil Armstrong, 36 years later in Oct
Solar Power Ancillaries and $$$ in Oct
Solar Power Update, Financial Considerations, in Oct
12.5 inch Dob Telescope in Oct
Solar Cooker in Oct
Mars Approach and Telescopic Photos in Oct
Encounter with Itokawa in Nov
Asteroids and Flying Mountains in Nov
Dolphin Problems in Dec
Life Cycles in Dec
Ecological Footprints in Dec

My Other Favorites: We could call these fluff, but many of them are truly favorites of mine.

Post Jekyll Reflections
Cats and Roomba in Jan
I, Robot, and 10 Dumb Moments in SF in Jan
Ice Storm in Jan
Annie Dillard in Feb
Controlled Burn in Mar
Gene Cat Jumping Islands in Mar
Wilbur Duncan Remembered in Mar
Firefighter Weekend in Apr
Flu History in Apr
Kurt Vonnegut in Apr
My History of Computers in May
Bat Photos in May
Muriel Beadle and Cats in May
Spiteful Loner in Jun
Anne Bancroft in Jun
Droughts and Rainfall, and the Presidency, in Jun
The Irony of Spain's Prime Minister and Gay Unions on July 4
Gay Civil Unions in Jul
Grandparents and Formative Influences in Jul
4000 Microstegium Plants Per Bucket, in Jul
Garden Harvest in Jul
Gene the Work Cat, in Aug
Smack in the Face from a Relative, in Aug
Katrina Part 1, in Aug
Katrina Part 2, in Aug
New Camera in Sep
Mrs Betty Bowers in Sep
Ancient Temple Garden Bottle in Sep
Shunning the President in Oct
Subverted Movies and Pi, in Oct
Hurricane Alpha in Oct
Deer Hunting Season and Blog Writing Reflections, in Oct
Harriet Miers Lessons in Oct
Dogwood Berries and Orb Weavers in Nov
Cleaning the Telescope in Nov
Gene Lost in Nov
Katrina Kitty in Nov
Leona Helmsley in Nov
Little Office Under the Stairs in Nov
Black Friday Greed in Nov
Old Well in Nov
A Hike with Gene in Dec
Internet Camera Operational in Dec
Nearby Stars in Stereo in Dec
Stereo Images in Dec
Internet Camera in Dec
Aunt Susan and Uncle Clayton, remembered in Dec
Jekyll Island Maps in Dec

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