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dread pirate roberts - url
got here from bouphonia. thank you so much for the great info in the various things we eat. we have had that conversation---what is a vegetable and what is a fruit? you've gone way beyond that.
Thursday: 10 March 2005 @ 23:11:16


Wayne - email
I'm glad you enjoyed it, and we've only begun to peel back the pericarp!

So I hope you and yours arrived at the right conclusion about vegetables vs fruits. The former are the leaf or shoot or roots of a plant (so carrots, celery, lettuce, cabbage, and all the forms of the mustard Brassica oleracea are vegetables). Fruits are mature or immature ovaries (yum). I wonder if that means you should consider broccoli and cauliflower to be fruits?

Then there's spices and herbs. Herbs are fragrant leaf matter, basil, oregano, rosemary, thyme (although I suppose you could include other plant parts like roots (ginger, or is that a spice?)). Nutmeg and mace are spices, deriving from the seed portion of the female part of the flower of the tree Myristica fragrans; the nutmeg is the embryo and the mace is a part of the seed coat. Is saffron a spice or an herb? It's the long colored styles of Crocus sativus, so as a part of the flower must be a spice. I admit I'm a little fuzzy on what distinguishes herbs and spices.
Friday: 11 March 2005 @ 05:44:31


thingfish23 - email - url
From a culinary perspective, I thought herbs were used "wet" or green, to best effect - while spices were typically dried before use.

That's pretty simplistic, I know. But I am a simple guy.
Friday: 11 March 2005 @ 10:22:56


Wayne - email
It could well be, although I'm not a fuzzy guy, I was pretty fuzzy on the herbs and spices. I can't smell, so the motivation is lacking.
Friday: 11 March 2005 @ 10:27:49


Rexroths Daughter - email - url
About saffron-- not sure about the spice or herb category, but we just planted our first 25 saffron crocus bulbs to see how well they will grow in Washington. They have different growing season from other crocus, which have already bloomed-- the saffron isn't expected to blossom until fall. Not sure if we're going to get any reliable results this year anyway. We have already been officially declared in a drought. Quite unusual for March in Washington.
Friday: 11 March 2005 @ 14:49:33


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