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roger - email
i prefer etiolate, altho the other has a poetry of its own.
Saturday: 10 October 2009 @ 14:57:59


Vasha - email
I hadn't noticed whether the dogwoods here in New York State are having an unusually good year, but the oaks certainly are: millions and millions of acorns on the ground. I keep thinking it's a pity humans can't eat them, and a pity there are no passenger pigeons to descend on them.
Sunday: 11 October 2009 @ 03:22:09


Wayne - email - url
Roger - I've always liked "etiolated." Sometimes I feel etiolated. I wrote EtOH on enough bottles that I oughta have remembered what it might mean but I had to actually look it up.

Vasha - I've got hit on the head with quite a few acorns this season. I can't remember which is bitter and which not (white oak/red oak groups) but apparently with some processing you can in fact eat acorns. Not that I'd want to take them away from the ones who can't go shopping.
Sunday: 11 October 2009 @ 09:53:40


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