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robin andrea - email - url
We're expecting our first rain of the season on Tuesday. I'm hoping it's a good one, and we can be done with these dangerous fire conditions. Would you say the rains you're getting reinforce an El Nino scenario? I'm thinking it doesn't, which isn't good for California. If the southeast is wet, then we tend to be dry. Time will tell.

What you know about seeds, flowers, fruits, and the whole architecture of plants never ceases to amaze and inspire me!
Monday: 12 October 2009 @ 13:28:53


Mark - email
We've measured over two inches so far, and they say we might have more today.
Monday: 12 October 2009 @ 14:58:47


Wayne - email - url
Robin - I hope we didn't steal your rain away! I don't know if this seems like an El Nino product or not. It's certainly unusual for us. Lots of standing water in the woods right now, which I've seen perhaps three times since 1991.

Mark - I wonder how Atlanta is doing - starting at 4am, we've had 3.61 inches by 1pm and it hasn't stopped yet.
Monday: 12 October 2009 @ 16:27:00


Mark - email
We never got the second round of rain here on Monday. We ended up with just over two inches. The forecast is for a significant amount of additional rain through the end of the week. The last forecast I saw showed a fairly wide band of heavy rain that cut across the central part of the state, including Atlanta and Athens. Rome was in the northern part, with heavy rain but not as much as further south. But I imagine that the heaviest part of the band could actually end up further north or south of where they showed it Monday.
Tuesday: 13 October 2009 @ 10:00:43


bev - email - url
I'm in Oregon now. Looks like there will be significant rains from here down into northern California. Of course, that will play hell with my plans as we get ready to ship out of here in the next day or so to continue southwards. However, I know that parts of California really need this rain, so I won't complain. Meanwhile, back home in Ontario, I've been told that, after that month or so of unusually warm, dry weather, following the rainiest, coldest spring and summer in years, they're now back into crappy weather with incessant rains. Seems very screwed up there. Everyone from "back home" keeps writing to tell me that I'm not missing anything by being away!
Tuesday: 13 October 2009 @ 12:08:29


Wayne - email - url
Mark - for us there was no second rain - it was nonstop for 11 hours, eventually amounting to 4 inches by 3pm yesterday.

The forecast seems a little at variance with the models that Unisys puts up, but it seems that what's in question is when the rain will arrive. Forecast says tonight; models put it up to 12 hours later. The models were run last night at 8pm, and they're not fully in agreement with each other.

Bev - welcome to Oregon! Just out of curiosity, what kind of reception did you have at the border? Was it any different than last year?

I've been listening to the news on the Pacific storm on its way. Is that the one affecting both you and Robin and Roger?
Tuesday: 13 October 2009 @ 12:55:35


bev - email - url
Wayne - This year, I crossed a bit further to the west, at Osoyoos in the B.C. interior. It's definitely a much busier border crossing and probably sees a lot more tourist traffic than the one at Kingsgate. This time, the agent just took all of the ID stuff I had ready to hand to him. He had a quick look around the van and ran something through their security program, asked me if I had an fruit with me (that area is so big into fruit that I guess they are even more diligent about asking what you have on board). He wanted to know if I had anything with me that I intended to leave in the U.S. during my stay. Considering that Sage was standing up behind my seat with her front feet clinging to my head while she stuck her head way out the window to grin and yap at the border guy, I may have mumbled something about maybe wanting to leave this dog down there. Anyhow, he just asked what I'd be doing on my trip and I told him I'd been camping my way across Canada and would do the same in the U.S., and he asked if I had arranged for a place to stay in AZ. I said I was staying in the same place as last year (he didn't ask anything about that) and he just waved me on and wished me a nice stay in the U.S. I'm wondering if, at the "touristy crossings" if they're being more cordial these days in an effort not to discourage tourism. Since the new regulations for ID kicked in on July 1st, I know a lot of people up here who have said they're not going to bother getting a passport or an enhanced driver's license (a special class of driver's license that includes extra ID for crossing into the states) as it costs too much and they don't want to go to the states that bad. I think it's going to have a very negative effect on tourism in both directions.
Regarding the weather systems here in the west, I was looking at the satellite pics and it looks like a pretty massive storm on its way over the coast. From what I read this morning, Humboldt and Mendocino counties are supposed to get the brunt of the storm and there's a warning about flooding in rivers and some mudslides, etc.. (par for the course in those regions). I just took a quick look at the pics in your latest post and it looks like you've had some flooding of your own. Will just read about it now.
Tuesday: 13 October 2009 @ 14:53:50


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