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robin andrea - email - url
What a great link, wayne. With the house search we've been doing for the past year, Roger and I could have added a few pics to that site. Now I wish I had photographed the house that was listed as a fixer. Yup, the black wall where there had been a fire years before was still there, no foundation, and a 6'3" inch ceiling in the "kitchen." Dang, a missed opportunity.
Wednesday: 14 October 2009 @ 13:37:40


Mark - email
When I was looking for my first house I learned a lesson about owner-built homes and what to leave and not leave in the house when you're selling it. Or so I thought.
Wednesday: 14 October 2009 @ 15:58:27


Wren - email - url
Curse you, Wayne. I have enough trouble getting to work on time without adding more daily distractions.
Wednesday: 14 October 2009 @ 23:33:06


Wayne - email - url
Robin - it was actually you and Roger (as well as my friend Dianne and her husband) who I thought of first when I ran across that site. Yours certainly would have been a welcome submission, a great find! The 6'3" kitchen ceiling would have clinched it.

I've been trying to think about the things that intrigue me about the entries on lovelylisting. Most of them are trainwrecks already happened, but a lot of the entries are also about the very odd photos that realtors can choose to present to entice buyers. Photos with the owners present in the picture, sometimes in very odd circumstances; photos that reveal horrible maintenance and vandalism; photos that include nasty items that could easily have been picked up in 30 seconds before taking the shot.

Mark - yes - just mentioned that to Robin. It's strange what realtors will sigh about and let people get away with. But it does provide fodder for the funny bone.

Wren - just how much time have *you* wasted now! Me, way too much, so I must needs share it around ; - ) 
Friday: 16 October 2009 @ 18:44:07


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