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Mark - email
We had frost this morning in a few places. My older dog with weak hips did a split on the frosty elevated walkway to our front door, and some of the fire ant mounds had frost on them. Later in the morning I almost did a split in the same place old Zeus did.
Monday: 19 October 2009 @ 01:01:26


Pablo - email - url
I used to use the more commercial weather sites (Weather.com, Intellicast), but I had too many experiences similar to yours. (And I suspect those might be data miners.) Now I just go to NOAA.gov. Anything beyond that is more than I need . Looks like we had a little frost at Roundrock on Sunday morning.
Monday: 19 October 2009 @ 09:22:21


robin andrea - email - url
I was always a little weather nerd, even when I knew the weatherman on TV was getting it all wrong. I would have wished for the internet as a kid, if my brain could have conceived of such a thing. Now I watch satellite images and radar patterns in loops, always fascinated by it. I think growing up in the northeast and hoping for snow to close the schools was a big factor in my love for weather.

We're expecting a little rain today, then back to sunny skies and temps in the 70s. Supposedly California is in for an El Nino winter. Interestingly, the winter forecast maps showed the El Nino conditions bringing more rain to the southeast as well. I think that may be a new pattern.
Monday: 19 October 2009 @ 14:10:53


Wayne - email - url
Mark - not sure if we broke a record here or not. One place indicates 34 degF and another 31. We had 33 this morning. No slippery places here, so not splits.

Pablo - I like noaa.com. And I'm also a little creeped out by the commercial weather sites. I always wonder if they're going to take over the computer. Intellicast especially is likely to do that. I usually think of Roundrock as being two or three weeks ahead of us, this time of year (same amount behind us in the spring). Your phenological notes have been very useful in that way!

Robin - same for me! I always loved those random closeouts. And here in the south you don't get them all that often but you do get them occasionally. People talk about them for weeks!

Glad you survived the Pacific storm but watch out for those rattlers.

The southeast typically does get more stormy weather during an El Nino, in the winter. It has something to do with dragging the jet stream farther south than usual.

I'm done with warm temps - just want to put that out there ; - )  . I'm ready for snow.
Monday: 19 October 2009 @ 14:22:30


Mark - email
This morning we were warmer than Sunday morning, mainly because the wind died and we got our inversion. On the other hand, it didn't get as warm up here as it did down in the flatlands.
Tuesday: 20 October 2009 @ 01:50:59


Wayne - email - url
Mark - Sunday was a little cool but Monday was extremely comfortable. I figure I'm happiest if the temperatures are around 65.

On Monday morning looks like we did at least tie a record breaking low temperature for the date.

I love autumn.
Tuesday: 20 October 2009 @ 11:07:30


bev - email - url
As a Canadian, it's probably safe to say that Percy Saltzman made weather nerds of practically everyone up here. He sure was a gas to watch on CBC. If you talk to just about any Canadian, about the first thing they want to talk about is the weather. My interest in weather increased when Don and I started doing a lot of canoe tripping in the 1990s. Weather can make or break a trip, so I would always search the net for info on weather and we'd usually plan our outings based on forecasts.
Tuesday: 20 October 2009 @ 14:28:13


Wayne - email - url
Bev - maybe there's an analog here to Percy Saltzman. I kind of doubt it, but someone else would know.

I notice that when we get together with locals that weather is a common topic too. It's not something that comes up at work - I sometimes get the feeling that my colleagues hardly know the word.

I'm pretty sure that I watch the weather only for those episodes that would break someone else's trip. When it's fine and sunny, with no hint of tempests, I can go for days without bothering to look at a weather map. Really, I can!
Sunday: 25 October 2009 @ 08:34:38


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