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Diane - email
Maybe it was built by a nostalgic New Yorker from the snow belt. Lots of second story doors in the western part of the state where 10 foot drifts occasionally block the normal exits. They used to mystify me as I had only been there in the summer.
Thursday: 12 November 2009 @ 18:49:02


robin andrea - email - url
You know we've been looking for a house, and a lot of the ones we've seen wouldn't know south even if it came right up and it hit them with a sledge hammer. And, much of what we've seen looks like your top pic. I myself wouldn't mind a house where I could look out a window and see an alien universe. It's better than turning on the TV news and seeing it!
Friday: 13 November 2009 @ 13:23:49


Wayne - email - url
Diane - I'd just love to be a building inspector. It does seem reasonable to have second story doors opening up in heavy snow country, but for goodness sake, include a deck. Surely except in Ithaca it doesn't snow year around!

Robin - what people do in building houses must be worth a book of some sort from someone who has searched for one. I keep checking our windows now and then to see if they might occasionally look out on Altair 4. So far, nothing, but at least I haven't seen Palin MMXII looking in.
Tuesday: 17 November 2009 @ 08:21:34


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