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robin andrea - email - url
It can be pretty exciting watching a good race. When Roger and I were at the beach house we got to see the finish line of the "Wharf to Wharf" run right from our deck. The lead runner always looks so good and confident, especially when there are news crews running alongside trying to capture the moment.
Wednesday: 18 November 2009 @ 14:24:14


Mark - email
If I were about 25 years younger (back when my knees worked like they are supposed to) I might try the run.

Rome used to have two neat depots, one for the Central of Georgia and one for Southern. One was torn down and one burned. So much for history.

It would be neat to think of Meriwether Lewis running around where you live.
Wednesday: 18 November 2009 @ 16:47:52


Wayne - email - url
Robin and Mark - I did a search on the Oglethorpe County restoration run and discovered that it has become quite popular, drawing runners from quite a distance. Last year there were 150 runners, despite 28 degF temperatures. On Saturday it won't be quite so cold - 43F.

Mark - it certainly caught my imagination, Lewis running around close by.
Friday: 20 November 2009 @ 09:19:18


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