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Mark - email
It brings back memories of my younger days when I used to run a few races. A chilly day would be nice for a race, but never rain, at least not for me.
Monday: 23 November 2009 @ 18:43:55


Wayne - email - url
Mark - we were on pins and needles about the cold rain. Everyone seemed happy about the dryish but cool temperatures.

This turned out to be an unexpected joyride, for me. There was the race itself, and the individuals involved who I really enjoyed watching and seeing again and again. And then there was the unique training aspect - being told where to go, to report in, communications back inquiring of progress. In fact, I filled out a training report for this event.
Tuesday: 24 November 2009 @ 08:14:10


robin andrea - email - url
Nicely documented, Wayne.
Tuesday: 24 November 2009 @ 13:23:36


Wayne - email - url
Robin - it was a documentation, I guess. I was taken up by the community aspect, and my role in it. It doesn't happen very often that I get to enjoy that!
Wednesday: 25 November 2009 @ 11:53:30


good job there guys. are you, glenn anyway, wearing turnout gear in case of a fire call?
Thursday: 26 November 2009 @ 15:43:38


Wayne - email - url
roger - ha! That was Glenn. We have a practice of wearing protective gear anytime we work around the trucks. Glenn did better than I, with helmet and coat but then he has a greater likelihood of falling than I do. I make him wear a helmet while he's carving the turkey!
Thursday: 26 November 2009 @ 16:08:35


Ontario Wanderer - email - url
My primary goal, in any long distance run, is to come in ahead of that last car, or ambulance, on my own feet. So far I have been successful. I, and almost all of the people I run with, usually say thank you to those who brave the weather to keep us on track and cheer us on. It's the volunteers that make the long run's possible. I have told myself that the day I come in last in a race is the day I will quit running. I have come in last in my age group a few times but so far there have always been younger runners behind me so I keep going. So, even though I was not in your area to run, thanks for your help!
Thursday: 26 November 2009 @ 18:30:12


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