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Monday: 19 July 2004

Bats and bobcats  -  @ 18:15:29
Our fire chief Phyllis Jackson and her husband the wildlife biologist Jeff came by yesterday morning at 6am to see the bats come in for the morning, and do some photographing. The bats, which we thought were little browns but Jeff said were too big and were big browns, occupy currently at a population of 600 or so an ornamental wing attached to the house. They've been there for about 10 years, when we first counted 40. The wing is about 25 feet tall, about 6" wide, and extends about 6' from the house. It faces east. The bats gave a great show, with their holding patterns as they waited for entrance into the two small holes in the overhangs.
Our conversation over coffee during this time led us to bobcats. Jeff and Phyllis remarked on having seen several, Jeff around their grassy areas and Phyllis while in deerstands during the fall. I haven't seen any evidence but then was pretty ignorant of tracks and scat, which Jeff described. So need to position myself at the lip of the hollow during early mornings/late afternoons to see what goes on.
Last night heard coyotes - yip - yip - yowwwwwwwwl. We've known about these - Andy next door has seen them in group while hunting last fall. Kinda nice.
I guess the electric fence, set up to disuade the deer from our multitudes of plants, has succesfully deterred the predators from the area. We hardly ever see a raccoon anymore.

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