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Monday: 13 July 2009

Carolina Satyr  -  @ 07:36:06
As I mentioned last month, we were and we are transitioning into an El Niño. Actually, sea surface temperatures are already warm enough to be called that, but the formal designation won't be declared for another month or two. Still, I've now seen two mentions from the National Weather Service that we are now experiencing El Niño weather patterns. For us that can mean more thunderstorms, weather a little more lively than usual. How about you?

Here's a drab little fellow, one of two that were flitting about near the house. It seems to be a Carolina satyr (Hermeuptychia sosybius), and a common species in the southeast US. Quite a pugnacious little face, there.

Six weeks ago I reported on the much larger little wood satyr, which would not show the underside of its wings. This one wouldn't show the topside, but that's ok since it would have been spotless brown (most satyrs will also have an array of eyespots on the topside). In case it's not clear, you're viewing the undersides of the driver's side hindwing and forewing, here. When the butterfly is in flight mode, these sides will face downward.

The kids like the leaves of various sorts of grasses, which is also true of the little wood satyr of a few weeks ago. The adults are fondest of the disgusting things in life, like rotting fruit and even more unmentionables.

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