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Friday: 16 March 2012

Summer in March  -  @ 07:14:45

We've had two days of record breaking high temperatures (85 degF) and today is likely to be the third consecutive day. This comes as no surprise to anyone in the eastern US. Still looking for a box turtle! They must be resistant to temptation through warmer temperatures, even when it has rained normally (as it has this month).

I did, however, run across this Luna Moth (Actias luna). Usually I find these after they've been for awhile and are tattered and worse for the wear, near the end of their week long adult life. Earliest reports I've found (and not many) have been dated the first week of April and afterward.

I assume this one has just emerged, judging from the pristine condition.

The adults don't eat, but the larvae feed on any number of the very tree species we have in abundance here: sweetgum, walnuts, hickories, and persimmon.

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