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Monday: 23 December 2013

Let It Rain  -  @ 11:52:05
We've had 4.78 inches of rain in the last 24 hours. At this time, it does look like it's fairly over now. The CoCoRaHS report map showed that Oglethorpe County seemed to be centered on a straight line as drawn through the heaviest rainfall from east central Alabama through north South Carolina. The rainfall totals among the dozen or more CoCoRaHS stations in Oglethorpe County didn't vary by more than 10%.

Anyway, it's been quite a rainfall, with streams rushing down our pathways and ponds overflowing. There were hints of possible tornadoes - the temperatures were warm enough to break high records for two days. But in the end there were no heavy winds to speak of, nor much in the way of thunderstorms. We did have a bit of thunder off to our south late last night. Glenn report roads ponding in places as he went into and returned from Athens last night.

All told we've had almost 62 inches of rain this year, compared to our average 48 inches.

Now I need to run down to Goulding Creek to see what it looks like.

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